Alaska Skiing/Snowboarding

Join us for great backcountry skiing on the glaciers and mountains around Haines. Our location on the border of Glacier Bay National Park and the Wrangell St Elias Mountains serves as a fantastic base for unbelievable backcountry ski programs. There are limitless options for incredible skiing, ski mountaineering, and touring from February through August!

Heli Skiing/Snowboarding
(1 – 7 days)
Join us for some incredible untracked skiing in world class terrain! The town of Skagway, Alaska at the northern end of Alaska’s inside passage is surrounded by an extremely jagged, heavily glaciated, mountain landscape and is in close proximity to…(more)

Backcountry Skiing/Snowboarding
(1 – 7 days)
These trips and courses are scheduled to use ski planes to access the glaciers, ice caps, and mountain areas in which they are conducted. The terrain is uniquely suited to ski-mountaineering objectives that combine classic climbing ascents with…(more)

Ski/Snowboard Mountaineering Leadership & Guide Training (IWLS)
(12 – 24 days)
This course is the most comprehensive skiing program we offer. It is designed to create strong leaders who are safe, efficient, and confident in the mountain environment…(more)

Avalanche Courses (IWLS)
(2, 3 & 5 days)
Levels I, II, and III are taught for backcountry skiers and snowboarders, winter enthusiasts, and professional guides. Learn to travel safely in a snowy mountain environment. (more)