Rock & Ice

Alaska Rock & Ice Climbing

Alaska Mountain Guides & Climbing School Inc. is dedicated to developing confident, competent, climbers. Using a “hands-on” approach to learning, we introduce new skills and put them to use on climbs that develop individual skill and technique. We have programs for everyone ranging from those who want a fun initial climbing experience, to those seeking serious expedition skills appropriate for the most demanding high altitude climbs. We also offer solid professional training courses. Our small groups and low student-to-instructor ratio help us meet individual expectations, and help guests progress as quickly as their ambition and ability allow. No Previous experience is required for any of these courses.

Rock Climbing
(1/2 – 5 days)
These trips emphasize developing individual climbing technique and skills. They are based on a hands-on approach and are conducted in an amazing alpine setting. Towering peaks and glaciers provide a spectacular backdrop and great terrain for…(more)

Ice Climbing
(1 – 5 days)
These courses are designed to give participants a hands-on introduction to ice climbing. Building solid climbing skills and confident climbers is the main focus. The courses are conducted in the heavily glaciated mountains surrounding Haines…(more)