Alaska & Yukon Mountaineering

Alaska Mountain Guides & Climbing School Inc. is based in Haines, Alaska, a small town located near the top of the Inside Passage. Haines borders Glacier Bay National Park. The park and the adjacent 27 million acres, including Wrangell-St. Elias National Park, comprise the largest protected wilderness area in the world. It is an extremely jagged and glaciated mountain landscape that includes the world’s largest non-polar ice caps, pristine fjords, and wilderness rivers. Peak elevations in this region range up to 20,000 feet. The terrain is among the best in North America for learning climbing skills. The area also offers world-class sea kayaking, rafting, trekking, and skiing. Our expedition center in Haines is an outstanding gateway for accessing this unparalleled wilderness area.

Alaska Mountain Guides & Climbing School Inc. is dedicated to developing confident, competent, climbers. Using a “hands-on” approach to learning, we introduce new skills and put them to use on climbs that develop individual skill and technique. We have programs for everyone ranging from those who want a fun initial climbing experience, to those seeking serious expedition skills appropriate for the most demanding high altitude climbs. We also offer solid professional training course. Our small groups and low student-to-instructor ratio help us meet individual expectations, and help our guests to progress as quickly as their ambition and ability allow. No previous experience is required for any of these courses.

Introduction to Mountaineering
(2, 3 & 5 days)
These courses are designed as a hands-on introduction to safe mountaineering. We spend the days moving through the mountains and across massive glaciers, plunging ourselves into a world of jagged peaks and brilliant blue ice falls…(more)

Expedition Primer
(7 & 12 days)
This course is designed for individuals seeking to learn expedition skills. It combines instruction with a series of climbs that practice and build upon your skill base. (more)

Alpine Climbing
(7 & 12 days)
The Alpine Climbing course offers individuals the opportunity to learn and refine rock & ice climbing, and mountaineering skills. The course is designed to take skills and techniques that we have practiced and put them to use. (more)

Mountaineering Leadership & Guide Training (International Wilderness Leadership School)
(12 & 24 days)
This course is the most comprehensive climbing program we offer. It is designed to create strong leaders who are safe, efficient, and confident in the mountain environment. (more)