Sea Kayaking

Sea Kayaking

Alaska, Baja and the Caribbean are renowned for exceptional boating opportunities of all varieties. For over 20 years AMG & MGI have operated sea kayaking trips and expeditions in the premiere paddling locations in North America. Our series of paddling centers provide the highest level of support for our groups to embark on amazing kayaking adventures. From sea kayaking in the spectacular scenery of the Inside Passage and Glacier Bay National Park, to the lush tropics of Mexico, our trips give our guests the chance to experience the best of what gives these areas their special reputation. We also provide a complete sea kayak rental and outfitting service.


Alaska & Yukon Territory

Glacier Bay Escape
(5 days)
Glacier Bay is known as one of the best Sea Kayaking destinations in the world. The scenery is stunning, the wildlife plentiful, and the wilderness is truly wild…(more)

Glacier Bay East Arm
(8 days)
Experience some of the most incredible glaciated terrain in the world all from the quiet solitude of your sea kayak! (more)

Glacier Bay West Arm
(7 days)
We will travel into the spectacular Rendu, Tarr, and John Hopkins inlets to view tidewater glaciers, magnificent waterfalls, and numerous hanging glaciers. (more)

Fjords of the Inside Passage
(1 – 5 days)
Haines sits at the top of the Famous Inside Passage, on the deepest and longest fjord in North America. This area offers excellent kayaking for beginners and experts alike. The beaches are wild and pristine, with more chance of seeing wildlife than people. (more)

Whales at Point Adolphus
(1 & 3 days)
Point Adolphus is located across from Glacier Bay National Park and is world-renowned for its high concentration of humpback whales. Our tour starts with a floatplane flight from Juneau to Point Adolphus, and allows participants to experience Alaska from land, air & sea. (more)

Sea Kayaking & Mountaineering Combo Trip
(11 days)
This spectacular trip combines climbing and trekking in the mountains and ice fields surrounding Glacier Bay National Park with sea kayaking in the fjords and inland waterways of Alaska’s Inside Passage. (more)

Sea Kayaking Leadership and Guide Training (International Wilderness Leadership School)
(12 & 20 days)
These courses include quality technical instruction in diverse coastal settings, and give students a solid foundation of leadership skills. (more)


Baja Sea Kayaking
(5, 7, & 8 Days)
The Baja Peninsula is a land of dramatic contrasts, with cactus-filled deserts and towering mountains meeting a rich marine environment along hundreds of miles of coastline. The Peninsula is bordered on its East coast by the gentle Gulf of California … (more)

Baja Whale Watching
(6 days)
Experience whale watching unlike anywhere else on the planet! This trip explores the west coast of southern Baja and the renowned whale breeding lagoons of Magdalena Bay. Between December and March, gray whales mate and give birth in these beautiful waterways… (more)

Baja Sea Kayaking & Whale Watching
(10 days)
Combining exploration of the rocky azure inlets of Isla Espiritu Santo in the Sea of Cortez with the incredible whale watching opportunities of Magdalena Bay on the Pacific coast…(more)

Baja Sea Kayaking Leadership & Guide Training (International Wilderness Leadership School)
(12 & 24 days)
Accessing remote sandy beaches and exploring rocky inlets of Baja provides a great opportunity for learning backcountry techniques and developing judgment, decision making, and hazard assessment skills as they apply to expedition sea kayaking…(more)

Caribbean Sea Kayaking Leadership & Guide Training
(International Wilderness Leadership School)

(12 & 24 Days)
The Caribbean coast of Mexico hosts one of the richest ecological preserves in North America. Ancient Mayan ruins dot the landscape of remote beaches, waterways…(more)