Ropes Course Elements

Ropes Course Elements

There a many different types of options of ropes course elements available and depending upon the focus of your program we can design the course that is the perfect fit for your needs. Whether you project is strictly zip line based or an educational facility we guarantee we can develop a course that is safe, fun, and exciting for your participants.

There are two critical elements we recommend to any ropes course design; a progressive degree of difficulty in the consecutive elements and to have the last element leave the participants excited and eager for more!

Climbing Walls
Climbing is an incredibly awarding activity that empowers the participants generating awareness and confidence in their own abilities. Depending upon the course’s proposed location we can offer both natural and artificial designs that provide another exciting element to your course and can comprise a complete activity in itself.

Artificial: We design a variety of cost effective indoor and outdoor climbing walls. Our past designs span from the highest outdoor climbing towers in Mexico to small home projects for private owners. Depending upon location we utilize a variety of construction methods including cement structures, wood and fiberglass panels, steel towers, and the creative placement of prefabricated climbing holds on existing structures.
Regardless of your budget we have a range of solutions that makes it an easy decision to include the addition of a climbing area to your facility!

Natural: We are experts at evaluating and constructing climbing areas on natural rock. Depending upon the type and height of the rock available a natural climbing area can be the most cost effective addition to any ropes course. The unique blend of challenge and discovery that comes from having a natural rock climbing area will keep your guest’s interest time and time again.

High Elements: High elements are guaranteed to challenge and empower every participant. It is vital to any ropes course that options exist to support the participant’s personal development as they progress through the course. Having the choice of multiple elements from any one location allows the course to meet a wide variety of participants comfort levels and provide an exciting, enjoyable experience for everyone.

Low Elements: Low elements are defined as activities where the participant does not require a belay but where a spot by another participant or staff may be appropriate. Generally these elements are from 1 to 3 feet above the ground surface and are excellent team building tools or lead-ins to high elements.(more)

Zip Lines: Zip lines are traditionally included within high elements for ropes course construction; however, we clearly recognize that many of our clients are interested in standalone zip line programs. Our safety and construction methods exceed the industry standard and are guaranteed to keep your clients excited and coming back for more!
Our designs include the use of both natural and artificial towers and extend from 20-zip line courses with exciting options for zip lines into the water to single additions to an existing facility.

Rope Course Leadership and Staff Training Courses

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